Wednesday, October 24, 2012

We are making a difference... Peace Preserves was created and developed as a vehicle for promoting the message"Peace Preserves". The organic preserves, jam spreaders, and peace bracelets became available nearly four years ago and originally sold as fundraising items to non-profit organizations. The idea evolved from a youth group called Peace Jam that I started at my son's high school (see post below "One person can make a difference...). Peace Jam, an international educational organization , teaches youth about leadership, taking action, and becoming involved in global issues.

Our Peace Jam club was the first established in Maine. There are eleven Nobel Peace Laureates on the Peace Jam Advisory Board. The Laureates have targeted several global concerns that they recognize as "Global Calls for Action". We worked on issues focusing on poverty and the environment.  Over the last seven years, students in our club have been very active in developing sustainable projects that have had an impact in our community. As co-advisor, I have worked with students to create organic gardens on our school grounds and establish a compost/recycling system for the school complex. Our Peace Jam club was recognized by the Pearson Foundation with an international award called the Global Call for Action Challenge. Nobel Peace Laureate Shrin Ebadi from Iran (2003) visited our school to present this prestigious award. It was an incredible opportunity for our community to host such an event.

I recently stepped down from advisor and I am actively involved in expanding Peace Jam throughout the northeast. After a recent organizational shift in our region, a new model was created and individual Chapters will be formed for each of the New England states. They will work together under a primary Affiliate. The first Chapter has been established in CT and I am currently seeking a Chapter sponsor in Maine.

Peace Jam is a wonderful experience for youth and adults.  I would encourage you to review their website and become involved and inspired!

Peace Preserves' products are available as fundraising items for non-profit events, as well as, we have broadened our market to include selling wholesale to gourmet and gift shops, grocery stores, special events, as well as individual online purchases. It should be noted that our organic preserves have been discontinued at this time due to expensive production costs but our individually handcrafted jam spreaders and our unique peace bracelets are still available for purchase and make lovely gifts.

We donate 1% of our total sales to Peace Jam. By purchasing our products you can support our hope for peace. You too can be involved in making a difference. Thank you for your support. "Spread Peace".


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